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SecOps 解决方案可以加强 IT 安全团队和运维团队密切合作,降低企业安全风险。BMC SecOps 解决方案通过多云环境中的集成和自动化策略,帮助团队对重大漏洞确定优先级并进行修复,并系统性解决违规行为。



  • Operational intelligence: Make security actionable with vulnerability information enriched by operational data to prioritize threats, plan remediation, and take action based on the impact to your organization.
  • Multi-tier remediation: Simplify, improve consistency, and increase scalability across network, server, and cloud environments with automated remediation that considers the severity of the issue and the operational context.
  • Compliance automation: Achieve continuous compliance and improved cloud security by leveraging policies and best practices to identify violations and remediate quickly.

提升 SecOps 具有直接效益

违规事件减少了 69%
修复成本降低了 49%

推动多云的有效安全性和合规性的 3 大迫切需求

Enrich security data with operational context for rapid action


BMC SecOps Solutions help organizations combine security and operations data for more accurate and actionable analysis, enabling them to identify blind spots and prioritize and fix the most critical flaws first in any environment.

  • TrueSight Vulnerability Management provides a “to do” list to address threats based on policy and impact, using criteria that considers business risk and protects stability.
  • BMC Helix Discovery exposes security blind spots by integrating with TrueSight Vulnerability Management to identify unknown or unmanaged equipment that has not been scanned for issues.
  • TrueSight Vulnerability Management displays the status of work in various stages to eliminate duplicative effort, manage bottlenecks, and keep stakeholders informed.



    BMC SecOps 解决方案可帮助组织结合安全和操作数据,以进行更准确和可行的分析,使组织能够识别盲点,并在任何环境中为缺陷划分优先级和优先修复最关键的缺陷。

    • TrueSight Vulnerability Management 提供了一个“待办事项”列表,以便根据策略和影响来解决威胁,在这个过程中使用了将业务风险考虑在内并且可以保护稳定性的标准。
    • BMC Helix Discovery 通过与 TrueSight Vulnerability Management 集成来识别尚未进行问题扫描的未知或非托管设备,从而揭示安全盲点。
    • TrueSight Vulnerability Management 可显示各阶段的工作状态,以消除重复工作,管理瓶颈并让利益相关者了解最新信息。

      Identify and prioritize security actions based on severity and impact.


      BMC SecOps Solutions provided a tiered approach to remediation based on policies which consider severity, environment, process, and application impact.

      • TrueSight Vulnerability Management integrates with endpoint management systems like TrueSight Server Automation, TrueSight Network Automation, and Microsoft System Center and Configuration Manager to create an automated process to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities
      • TrueSight Server Automation increases IT efficiency by up to 200% with a scalable, closed loop for automated remediation and change tracking
      • TrueSight Network Automation natively performs scan-less and real-time detection of vulnerabilities across a diverse network environment without degrading performance



        BMC SecOps Solutions 根据将严重性、环境、流程和应用程序影响考虑在内的策略提供了一种分层补救方法。

        • TrueSight Vulnerability Management 与 TrueSight Server Automation、TrueSight Network Automation、Microsoft System Center 和 Configuration Manager 等端点管理系统集成,以创建一个自动化流程来为漏洞划分优先级和补救漏洞
        • TrueSight Server Automation 采用可灵活扩展的闭环式自动修复和变更跟踪流程,可将 IT 效率提升高达 200%
        • TrueSight Network Automation 可在多样化的网络环境中本机执行非扫描式实时漏洞检测,且不会降低性能



          TrueSight Server AutomationTrueSight Network Automation 能够实现系统发现、监控、修复和集成式变更控制等整个流程,且预先集成了 BMC Helix ITSM. ,从而确保企业持续合规。

          • TrueSight Cloud Security 可检查公共云服务和容器配置,以在风险遭到利用之前补救风险
          • 借助针对 CIS、DISA、HIPAA、PCI、SOX、NIST 和 SCAP 的预配置策略以两倍的速度实现合规性
          • 采用集成式文档和修复,可简化修复、回滚和配置更新
          • BMC Helix Discovery 相结合,以发现所有软件、硬件、多云、网络、存储和版本,并在单一控制台上查看这些资产之间的相关性

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