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Remedyforce Demo

Remedyforce ›

Built on the powerful Salesforce cloud platform, BMC Remedyforce provides IT organizations a comprehensive ITSM solution that is innovative and cost effective. Experience a modern approach to service management.

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BladeLogic Server Automation Demo

BladeLogic Server Automation ›

Is your data center exposed to security vulnerabilities and remediation obstacles? Now you can automate critical tasks to easily identify, detect, and resolve vulnerabilities and reduce risk in your data center.

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TrueSight Capacity Optimization Demo

TrueSight Capacity Optimization ›

Experience the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization features that matter most to you, and discover how you can optimize cost, improve business flexibility, and achieve timely service delivery to drive business value.

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Control-M Workload Automation

Control-M ›

Don’t sit through another boring 45-minute product demonstration. Check out the Control-M features that matter most to you by creating your own custom demo, and discover how you can build, change, schedule, and monitor complex batch services—all from one powerful location.

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BMC Bladelogic Threat Director

BladeLogic Threat Director ›

BladeLogic Threat Director provides IT operations and security teams the data they need to prioritize and remediate threats based on potential impact to the business.

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Control-M for Hadoop

Control-M for Hadoop ›

Your Big Data projects depend on integration of Hadoop with both structured and unstructured data sources. Discover how Control-M for Hadoop can help you connect and manage batch workflows more quickly and easily to deliver Big Data and other applications faster than ever.

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MyIT Service Broker

MyIT Service Broker ›

Enable one-stop shopping for IT and business services. Connect data centers and vendors, both on-premises and cloud-based, to a consumer-style corporate store that helps workers find the hardware, software, and services they need to be successful.

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Discovery ›

Find out how you can capture complete visibility into the relationships between your IT assets and the digital services they power—so you can reduce cost and risk while delivering optimal support for your business.

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Cloud Lifecycle Management

Cloud Lifecycle Management ›

BMC’s cloud management platform drives digital innovation with agile, full-stack service provisioning across cloud and traditional platforms. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management scales easily while integrating with essential compliance and governance policies to reduce risk.

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Service Desk Automation

Service Desk Automation ›

Atrium Orchestrator allows you to process automation across your entire service management environment to reduce manual efforts and increase efficiency. Learn how this tool can automate data collection and free up IT resources.

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TrueSight Operations Management

TrueSight Operations Management ›

See IT abnormalities before they happen, and get deep diagnostic views as well as high level status views. Discover how TrueSight Operations Management helps you detect, diagnose, prioritize and remediate problems faster.

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Remedy 9

Remedy 9 ›

Remedy 9 is a powerful service management platform that drastically improves IT service delivery. The intuitive user experience is built around roles, not modules, to help you be more productive with less effort. Modern, mobile interfaces, built-in templates and guides, and instant, actionable insights help you work smarter and faster.

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