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Whether you are adding workloads to your mainframe or trying to reduce your reliance on it, BMC mainframe cost management solutions are important to your efforts. BMC Cost Analyzer and Intelligent Capping will help your growing business lower mainframe costs while ensuring that your most important applications and services run problem-free. MainView Monitoring helps you identify and solve issues faster so you can spend more time running your business.

Mainframe costs are a concern for any IT organization, but companies with lower processor usage (fewer than 2,000 MIPS/100 MSUs at peak) may actually be paying more per resource unit than companies with larger mainframes. With mainframe monthly license charge (MLC) costs rising 4% to7% each year, optimizing usage is critical.

The tools available in MainView Monitoring take the guess work out of optimizing your mainframe performance. Detailed reports and analytics, seamless configuration changes, and integration with BMC MLC solutions make it easy to streamline CPU resources, minimize downtime, and eliminate waste.

BMC helps growing companies take decisive actions to manage mainframe costs. Take these savings and immediately reinvest them back into your business for a quick ROI.

Video: BMC Mainframe MLC Cost Management Solutions

Transform how you manage mainframe MLC to control costs. (2:44)

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Simple solutions to optimize your mainframe environment

Gain an understanding of what drives your mainframe costs, manage and track your MLC budget, and model the impact of changes to the mainframe workloads.

Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise®

BMC Cost Analyzer is an easy-to-use solution for reducing IBM® Monthly License Charge (MLC) costs by anywhere from 5% to more than 20%, through insightful reporting and predictive modeling.

Intelligent Capping (iCap) for zEnterprise®

Intelligent Capping (iCap) for zEnterprise dynamically automates and optimizes defined capacity settings to lower MLC.

MainView Monitoring

MainView Monitoring maximizes performance and availability and lowers costs by taking the guesswork out of monitoring and managing z/OS and z/OS UNIX environments.

Running more than one subsystem?

If you're running more than one subsystem, including CICS, Db2, IMS, or MQ, Subsystem Optimizer might be for you.

Subsystem Optimizer for zEnterprise®

BMC Subsystem Optimizer provides data access and communication across LPARs, making it possible to efficiently redirect workloads among Db2, IMS DB, IMS TM, and CICS instances to reduce MLC.

"BMC is helping mainframe customers in a big way. We've used Cost Analyzer and Intelligent Capping to lower our mainframe costs by 9%—and we're not done. As we move forward, we plan to save even more."

— Growing Insurance Company in the Midwest

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What to look for in mid-market mainframe solutions

  • Intuitive, graphical reporting with dashboards
  • Visibility into drivers of peak MSUs
  • Easy-to-use, automated workload capping
  • Cost-aware capping that targets low importance work
  • Single-system image monitoring
  • User-friendly monitoring