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Control-M Output Management

Centralize retention and management of business documents

Increase customer satisfaction and productivity by providing immediate access to reports, invoices, statements, and other business documents with web-based viewing and distribution using Control-M Output Management.
  • Access content from a single point of control and provide the customer only what’s relevant.
  • Consolidate lifecycle management and access to any type of report, created on any type of system anywhere in the world, from one central, graphical web interface.
  • Meet compliance and audit requirements with comprehensive archiving and retrieval directly from offline media.
  • Reduce costs by reducing your reliance on paper and the need to reprint reports.

Control output of all your batch services

IBM® z/OS® output management

Create, archive, and dispose of reports – managing the entire document lifecycle through a single interface.

Datasheet: Control-M Output Management What’s New

Customized viewing

Provide only the information needed, ensuring content is analyzed and prepared to meet customer needs, is automatically distributed, and viewable online.

Enterprise report management

Capture, store, and index reports for OpenVMS Alpha, OpenVMS VAX, Tandem, UNIX, and Windows so customers can access all their business output regardless of where it is generated.

Instant viewing of original and archived documentation

View processed and archived bank checks, bills, trade invoices, active and inactive insurance policies, and more without initiating archive searches in your document library.

Web access to all reports

View complex print-stream output as familiar PDF documents; print, annotate, and export reports to MS-Excel all from an intuitive web application.

Datasheet: Control-M Output Management Web Access

Powerful repository-wide index-based access

Retrieve specific pages and content based on key business values like account number or customer name.

Data retention compliance

Archive report output using flexible rules that maximize disk, near-line, and offline storage. Access data directly from its archived media and ensure data is disposed as soon as it expires.

Take a closer look

  • Fully automated output capture eliminates the need to run sweep jobs.
  • Report analysis assigns ownership of report sections to specific users or groups.
  • Multi-level indexing provides direct access to individual pages and report sections by key business values like account number.
  • Format transformation of complex print streams enables viewing as PDF documents and printing on local desktop printers.
  • Data compression and encryption ensures efficient, secure storage of active business information.
  • Bundling supports efficient physical or electronic delivery of report packages.
  • Direct access of archived data maximizes storage usage and speeds up access to historical data.

Associated products


Control-M helps you schedule and monitor complex business processes from one easy-to-use interface.

Customer enablement

BMC Consulting Services

BMC consultants assist clients with everything from planning and building a first product implementation through complex, multi-product IT transformation.

Control-M Training

BMC offers role-specific IT training and learning paths for various professionals within your organization.