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Application Accelerator for IMS

Application Accelerator for IMS

Lower the cost of IMS batch processing

BMC Application Accelerator for IMS offers an intuitive interface that empowers system administrators to quickly and easily optimize their IMS batch-processing environment. With this solution, you will:

  • Reduce CPU costs and elapsed time for IMS batch processing jobs.
  • Take advantage of an intuitive, rules-based interface to automate optimization tasks.
  • Track the savings delivered with in-depth performance reporting.

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Monitor and optimize batch process performance

Application Accelerator for IMS follows a proven approach to IMS batch processing optimization. Observe your batch-processing environment closely—looking for slow or resource-hungry jobs—to determine where optimization can save you time and resources. Then implement the optimization techniques that will work best to boost efficiency.

Powerful optimization methods

Put automated optimization protocols in place to get problem processes running at peak efficiency, including BMC enhanced I/O substitution, OSAM sequential buffering and DFSVSAMP tuning.

Dynamic resolution

Select the most effective optimization technique for each job, using the solution’s context-based suggestions as a guide.

Policy-driven optimization

Build automated optimization protocols that will run batch jobs with read-type DL/I calls that match the filters and criteria you define.

Support for multiple application types

Streamline your resource usage for BMP, DL/I, and DBB applications.

Easy implementation

View recommendations and savings, and do policy administration from the graphical user interface, no JCL or application code changes needed.

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Detailed reporting

  • Use intuitive reporting features to gain valuable insight into your IMS batch processing performance.
  • View your CPU savings as they amass, with reports that break down savings by individual batch job.
  • Export your resource savings data so that it can be used for reporting purposes in other applications.

Extend your optimization capabilities

Subsystem Optimizer for zEnterprise®

BMC Subsystem Optimizer for zEnterprise provides data access and communication across LPARs, making it possible to efficiently redirect workloads among DB2, IMS DB, IMS TM, and CICS instances to reduce MLC.

MainView Batch Optimizer

Reduce the time and resources necessary to run batch jobs with BMC MainView Batch Optimizer.