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TrueSight Operations Management Consulting Services

TrueSight Operations Management Services

Enjoy the benefits of proactive IT operations management

TrueSight Operations Management consulting services offer best practices and expertise to help you manage your IT operations processes and completely transform the control of your business-critical infrastructure. Our performance and event management experts will work with you to:

  • Assess your performance management needs and design a strategy
  • Configure a TrueSight Operations Management solution to suit your unique environment
  • Establish a starting point for performance monitoring and event integration
  • Educate your team on product functionality and performance management best practices

Get the most from your core implementation

  • Insight! for Operations Management
    This service takes a pragmatic approach to understanding your business goals and objectives as they relate to operational management processes. You’ll work with our consultants to:
    • Create a business value-based Transformation Roadmap for Operations Management, which details and prioritizes recommendations for your next steps
    • Align your operations management process with your business objectives
    • Reduce the risk and accelerate the returns of future projects and business changes


  • Live! for TrueSight Operations Management Upgrade/Migration
    This service will help you quickly plan and activate the latest version of TrueSight Operations Management, while also providing a solid foundation for scaling the solution according to your needs. Our consultants will help you:
    • Transform your IT Operations using BMC’s time-tested best practices
    • Create a platform that will increase your IT operations expertise
    • Upgrade your solution with minimal effort and cost


  • Accelerate! for TrueSight Operations Management
    This service is designed to get your people, processes, and technology working together. Our consultants follow a best practices-based methodology to accelerate value, define KPIs, and establish value realization metrics. With their help you’ll learn how to use TrueSight Operations Management to:
    • Provide early detection for potential infrastructure problems through predictive monitoring
    • Reduce costs by shortening the time needed for triage and remediation, thanks to automated notifications
    • Increase productivity and efficiency by reducing the frequency of event false positives


Enhance your TrueSight capabilities

  • Live! for Entuity for TrueSight Operations Management
    This service reduces the time and effort required to get started with the latest version of Entuity for TrueSight Operations Management. Our consultants will help you:
    • Gain visibility into the overall health of your network and business services
    • Learn to quickly assess and diagnose network traffic and flow capacity issues
    • Set up automatic, continuous discovery of network assets and topology for fault and performance management


  • Live! for TrueSight Platform
    This service is designed for organizations looking to implement the platform for our TrueSight products. With the help of our consultants you will:
    • Deploy rapidly, using an out-of-the-box solution
    • Drive efficiency and improve service levels using industry best practices
    • Scale your platform environment correctly to support current and future business


  • Live! for TrueSight IT Data Analytics
    This service will help you analyze, design, build, and validate an implementation of TrueSight IT Data Analytics in a non-production environment to prepare for deploying the solution. With the help of our consultants, you will enable your organization to:
    • Eliminate the manual and mundane tasks of finding and correlating data
    • Prevent outages by using proactive analytics to identify problems before they cause disruptions
    • Collect and analyze unstructured machine data from a variety of data sources


  • Live! for TrueSight Reporting
    This service makes it easy to implement TrueSight Reporting, so you can gain valuable insights into your performance and event management. Our consultants will help you deploy the solution so you can:
    • Drive efficiency and improve service levels with detailed reports on TrueSight monitoring and events
    • View the current health and behavior of IT services and applications
    • Keep your services aligned with industry best practices


  • Live! for TrueSight Event Management
    This service will provide guidance for planning and activating TrueSight Event Management quickly, while also providing a solid foundation for scaling in a non-production environment. With our consultants, you’ll be able to:
    • Quickly identify outages and performance issues via targeted monitoring and center monitoring
    • Implement enhanced, priority-driven event management workflows, which will free up resources
    • Reduce administrative overhead by standardizing thresholds for monitoring and maintaining them from a central administrative console


  • Live! for TrueSight Infrastructure Monitoring
    This service is geared toward organizations looking to implement TrueSight Infrastructure Monitoring. With the help of our consultants help, you will:
    • Deploy rapidly, using an out-of-the-box solution
    • Prevent outages by using proactive analytics to identify problems before they cause disruptions
    • Save time by automating repetitive, tedious tasks


  • Live! for TrueSight Service Resolution SmartFlow

    This service will help your organization integrate your service desk with your TrueSight solutions, using TrueSight Service Resolution Smartflow. With the help of our consultants, your organization will be able to:

    • Proactively reduce the impact of major incidents
    • Increase the service desk’s visibility into the root cause of events, as well as their business impact
    • Correlate and consolidate reports of events and incidents


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Explore our suite of Operations Management solutions

TrueSight Operations Management

TrueSight Operations Management monitors complex IT environments and analyzes diverse data to deliver actionable IT insight that helps you solve business problems.

TrueSight IT Data Analytics

TrueSight IT Data Analytics, a key component of TrueSight Operations Management, automatically collects and correlates machine/log data in real time to proactively identify problems and prevent them from recurring.

TrueSight Infrastructure Management

TrueSight Infrastructure offers early, accurate detection, diagnosis, prioritization, and resolution of service issues.

TrueSight Event and Impact Management

Simplify and consolidate event and impact management, improve service performance and availability, reduce operational costs, and minimize business risk.

TrueSight AppVisibility

TrueSight AppVisibility is an application performance management suite that monitors and manages packaged, mobile web, web-based and modern application ecosystems, from the infrastructure and code to the customer experience.

Service Resolution

BMC Service Resolution lets you connect monitoring and event intelligence with your service desk to prevent or resolve issues before they affect your business.